On the purlieu with the Volunteers

‘In Bangalore, good public art has been a recent phenomena; up until then I think it has only been the random unplanned vandalism kind of graffiti. So, I guess that’s what the team had in their mind. It was a good conversation with the residents of Malleshwaram who are mostly old couples. With each oneContinue reading “On the purlieu with the Volunteers”

Portraits of Munniamma and Kamalamma

Munniamma and Kamalamma, contract Pourakamikas are the first ones one site and the dutiful owners of the space that we we temporarily inhabited with an agenda to ‘beautify’, after months of working there day in and out we felt like it was only due we highlighted this from the agency we had been given. PortraitsContinue reading “Portraits of Munniamma and Kamalamma”

In times of polarization

Venkatappa Puttappa or in otherwise known by his pen name Kuvempu, was an Indian novelist, poet, playwright, critic and thinker. He is widely regarded as the greatest Kannada poet of the 20th century. He is the first among Kannada writers to be decorated with the prestigious Jnanpith Award. For his contributions to Kannada Literature, theContinue reading “In times of polarization”

An encroachment beyond wonted limits

What came into view, was an initiation of an off-the cuff, unbridled activity of spontaneity. Whilst an unbridled overflow in ideas, certainly varied in degrees of abstraction, it also integrated the thought and action dichotomy.Above: Paramesh Jolad’s intervention on the waterfall scene with kindred ties. Below: Yash Bhandari’s contrivance around geechugalus working at the site.Continue reading “An encroachment beyond wonted limits”

Another flick on the wall

A remarkably swift transition on the wall was assured with the merging in of artists and friends with unparalleled dedication as collaborators. As with the promptness undertaken with the transient occupancy by the lot, the jobs were performed with as much conscientiousness.Stationed above on the ladder in the picture: Noora Sabu Noora Sabu and Ayush CContinue reading “Another flick on the wall”

Primer fear

  Coupled with BBMP’s commissioned workers being steadfast in their support, Geechugalus trudged forth in a rather foreboding fashion. What comes along a dilapidated wall with substantial redeeming features to muster, is a distinct plight concerning with paint spatters and certain irreversible bouts of wipe-outs. Maneuvering the paint rollers turned into a sport of some err,Continue reading “Primer fear”

Mask-taping mask off

Abhijeet Rao mask taping alongside his composition on the Damayanti mural- a character in a love story found in the Vana Parva book of the Mahabharata, and other Hindu texts by many authors in numerous Indian languages. She was the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom, who married king Nala of Nishadha Kingdom. Mask-taping as an exercise wasContinue reading “Mask-taping mask off”

Partaking in subversion: Ironies and satires

  Diya Pinto and Shreevyas making some bold statements around the Darpana Sundari mural, whilst the concept of the scissors is perspicaciously subsumed into the composition by Diya, as she attempts to portray the theme “it’s okay but it’s not” which is a fight between what society thinks and what history shows in our country, as quotedContinue reading “Partaking in subversion: Ironies and satires”

Stretch 2 : Snipping and connecting

What emanated from the amalgamation of ideas and proceedings, was a concurrent activity of the concrete being set on the road and our outputs gaining structure. A pragmatic discernment from recurrent visits to the site was acquired; the momentum kept high with keen observation to really encapsulate the character of the space. Working the ‘Connect-four’Continue reading “Stretch 2 : Snipping and connecting”

The cutting edge in muralism

Over newspaper mats and and helmet seats we attained enlightenment. Runjhun Kejriwal cut the deal with her Scissors at the seams. Ideas were fabricated around, as the scissors fused into the whole conceptualization of demolishing old ideas and building new ones, fittingly. Amitabh Kumar of the street art pantheon, intercalating pointers into compounds with layeredContinue reading “The cutting edge in muralism”